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The user can get four kinds of report that are as follows:

1. Detailed Journey Report.

2. Summary Report.

3. Over-speeding Report.

4. Driving/stopped Time Report


Our system provides geo-fencing alerts by email or SMS.

Auto Refreshing:

The reports are refreshed automatically.


Welcome to I-Trak!

I-Trak Vehicle Tracking System is a turn-key solution for vehicle owners or fleet operators to determine the location of the vehicle.

The solution includes Vehicle tracking unit which is installed in vehicles to collect the vehicle information and Vehicle tracking software which is a web based software application to monitor the current location of the vehicle along with other history details of the vehicle via internat.

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The solution allows users to monitor and control the movement of vehicles viz. trip start and completion time, distance traveled, speed etc. at any point of time.

This helps in better fleet management by reducing the operating costs and while delivering mobile assets more effectively. The combination of GPS and cellular technology is used to transmit the vehicle data from unit to software.

The application is designed and developed with easy to use GUI and navigation. The real time reports help managers for better planning, scheduling and forecasting and thereby increasing the customer satisfaction.



Vehicle Dispatch System allows you to assign the nearest un-occupied taxi within your fleet to the customers location.

Passengers have a sense of security comfort by knowing that the taxis are under constant supervision.



Car security has become a major concern, with increasing number of car theft cases being reported.

Adititracking helps you in tracing your stolen vehicle by exactly pointing out the vehicles current location.



Today`s increasingly volatile and dangerous environments, immediate response by police personnel becomes critical for the safety and security of common citizens. By pin-pointing the exact location of all active police cars in and around the vicinity of incident area, dispatchers can more effectively manage and police the entire area.



Delays in responding to medical emergencies can be a matter of life and death.

Adititracking can help in locating the nearest ambulance from the distress location, saving a few critical minutes of response times.



IMal-practices in the Public Distribution Systems are a bane to the well being of any civil society, specially for the poorer section. Adititracking can help minimize the PDS theft problem by using a combination of technologies like Way Points, Route Mapping and Weight Sensors to detect unauthorized loss of food grains in transit.



Using the various performance parameters, a driver/bus ranking system has been designed to weed out potentially dangerous drivers/buses before they can cause greater damage. Display of the exact arrival time of bus through display system within the bus and on the bus stop allows commuters to remain calm while embarking and dis-embarking the bus.



Put your fleet at your fingertips by managing daily operations with event based monitoring and exception reporting.

Keep up with customers schedule, manage time ensure your vehicles/cargo's safety



Tracking of School Bus is the flavor of vehicle tracking system specialized for parents of kids using school bus transport. Schools also indirectly provide security to the students by giving them such facilities.



There is a growing concern for employee security, especially for women force in the BPO industry, considering odd shift timings. Waypoints ensures on time pick-up of employees. Geofencing/ Remote Mapping provides immediate notification of any deviation from the predetermined route.